Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Make

It has never been easier to launch and design your own website. In fact, many services now offer web design templates for you to use. Despite you being able to customize most of the elements of said web pages, it’s often quite clear when someone is using one of these services. It could be that instead of giving your business or blog a democratically-inspired web page that anyone could have designed, you wish to try your hand at making this yourself.

However, this is not always the best path forward if you’re unfamiliar with the core tenets of web design. Just like someone with zero writing experience launching their own blog and hoping to make a success of things, a little practice is needed before that potential is truly brought to light. That being said, it’s a noble goal, and so in this post we hope to illustrate three web design mistakes you can easily make, and easy recommendations for moving past them in the best possible sense.

With the following advice, you’ll be sure to catch said errors:

Too Many Hyperlinks

Too many hyperlinks can often ruin how your page looks, and it will seem overwhelming to any new visitors. After all, why direct people to thirty other pages from your home base when the content you wish to see is where they are right now? Previewing content, using linking hubs such as expanding categories and a logical sub-hyperlinking system and search tool can help you keep your presence neat and presentable. This matters to any new, first-time user of your website.

Clashing Graphic Design

A great metaphor for web design is to think of it as interior decoration. You wish to present a theme, but you have to do so in a textured budget of colors, of designs, and of patterns. If your proverbial ‘curtains’ are a different pattern and coloring to your floor, which is different to the sofa, which is different to the walls, your entire presentation is mixed and will look quite terrible. Clashing graphic design can be resolved provided you know the golden rule – less is more. Additionally, high-quality, well compressed, catered-to art allows for a more comprehensive web presence, and it will punctuate your content appropriately.

Doing Everything Yourself

Do not design everything yourself. Find a web design agency you can trust from the offset, those that have a real portfolio, can work with you to help bring out your best intentions, and that will help educate you as to the steps they are taking and why. Do not simply think you have everything in the back. The prior mentioned services are great for new beginners, but they can also trick you into thinking that web design is as easy as a quick click of the fingers to implement. Of course, we know that’s not the case. When you follow up on your goals in this way, you’ll understand that thoroughly.

With this advice, you are certain to develop a more cohesive web design output and avoid the continual mistakes that may take place over time.

Isa Lillo

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