Top 3 Ways To Attract More Foot Traffic To Your Business

A lot of small business owners still rely on foot traffic to make sales. You need lots of people coming through your doors every day, with each one of these people becoming a lead. It’s a lot easier to convert leads into customers when they are already inside your store. After all, they must be interested in what you have to offer or they wouldn’t have come in. 

Keeping that in mind, how can you attract more foot traffic? Here are three very simple ideas that are extremely effective:

Start a Google My Business page

Google My Business is a platform that lets you register your business on Google. In doing so, it’ll allow you to place your business on the map – literally. When people search for local businesses in your area, they will see where you’re located. This also makes you look like a more professional company, increasing the chances that people will pay you a visit. Your Google My Business page will also provide details on when you open and close – as well as any reviews for your company. It all helps to encourage people to come on down and visit your premises. 

Improve your exterior

Have you ever walked past a business and thought to yourself, wow, I’ll never go in there. It happens all the time and it’s all down to how the business looks on the outside. Consequently, you can improve the chances of people wanting to enter your business by having an excellent exterior. There are loads of things you can do to achieve this, like applying monocouche render to the outside of your premises, improving the way it looks. You also want the front windows to be appealing – if you run a store, you need a good display in the windows to attract attention. If you run a restaurant or cafe, you want people to see inside and feel urged to pop in. The nicer you can make the exterior, the more foot traffic you will see. 

Use excellent signage

Naturally, signage will form part of your business’s exterior design. However, it extends beyond this. Street signs are separate from your business, yet they play a big role in directing traffic to your store. You point people to your business, catching their attention with your excellent signs. Also, you’ve seen many examples of companies that use signboards as a way of connecting with customers. This could be through writing down deals on the signboard or adding a funny quote that makes people smile. Little things like this will grab people’s attention and draw them into your store. 

Operating a small business that relies on foot traffic can be challenging – particularly in the current economic climate. Nevertheless, it is still very possible for you to be a success. More and more consumers are keen to support local businesses, so play on this angle when marketing your company. Use the tips above as well, and you will soon attract lots of new traffic to your business.

Isa Lillo


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