Three Things to Consider During an Exhibition

Your marketing team has been working overtime in the run up to exhibition season and you’re nearly ready to press the go button but take a moment or two to make sure that everything’s in place when you think about what your exhibition stand is going to say to your customers, old and new at this busy but important time of the year.

You’ll be among hundreds of other competitors at quite probably a series of exhibitions over the next few months. How will your stand, well, stand out from the crowd. What’s it purpose and how are you planning on using it and your marketing team to give business a boost?
In this blog we take a look at three things you need to consider when you’re taking your business on the road during exhibition season.

Data Capture

Your team isn’t just there to chat to visitors, there needs to be a specific purpose for them and those goals should be decided back in the office long before you’re preparing for the exhibition itself.
These goals should not be vague. Rather than setting a target of capturing as many email addresses as possible, set some specific targets and figures to aim for. Think about making your goals SMART, that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Take stock after the first day of the exhibition to make sure that you’re on the right track and amend those targets as necessary.

Stay Unique

Your business is as unique as you and your exhibition stand should reflect that uniqueness that is so important to you and your customers. Find an exhibition stand builder who will design you a stand that is a total one off. You may be limited by the dimensions of your plot at the centre, but you’re not limited as to what you can do within that plot so think well and truly outside of the box.

Choose a company who will talk you through the design, the putting up and taking down and be on site to get it all up and running the first time you have to put it all together. If you’re travelling to several exhibitions, one after another, the company should be prepared to meet you at each site to take charge of the installation.

Your Team

Spending all day at a hall talking and selling to customers is quite a job. It’s tiring and it’s demanding and you need the right people for the job. It’s also the perfect opportunity to allow some of your junior marketing people some first hand experience so get a team together where you can allow some coaching throughout the exhibition.

Friendly, personable but above all deeply knowledgeable about your products or services, these people are what attracts visitors to your stand and can help convert those inquiries into real life sales.

Put your best team forward, create a stand that is eye catching and unique and you’re going to see a significant boost to business.

Isa Lillo


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