5 Things to Consider When Buying a WordPress Theme

Today I want talk about one of my favourite topic about WordPress: WordPress Themes! Because I’m sure that at some point you’ll probably start thinking on buying a WordPress theme for your blog or business website. Free themes are great to start with, but as things evolve, your online appearance should to evolve, too.

How to effectively increase conversion of your sale page

If you are launching or selling a product/course/ebook/etc.. I’m sure you are familiar with conversion rate. You are also spending a lot of time and money to bring people to your business website, for example with webinars and ads campaign, but you feel that not enough people are filling out your sale page. That sucks … Continue Reading

How to start a website in WordPress for business

One question that a lot people ask me is “How do I start a website in WordPress”? As a web designer I create and design website for a living, but there’s no reason why you can do it too.