7 Things You Can Sell in Your House When You Need Quick Cash

The ongoing global pandemic has wreaked havoc on the financial lives of many people. Apart from causing business shutdowns and massive layoffs, the health crisis has pushed many to be short on money. A recent survey revealed that the economic effects of the pandemic have left most millennials strapped for cash.

If you’re in the same boat as these millennials, don’t worry. You can trade whatever possessions you have in your house for cash.

Ready to turn house clutter into a financial windfall? Consider selling these items today:


Selling fine jewelry is a popular way to help you fill your empty wallet. If your jewelry box is filled with necklaces, earrings and other accessories that you’re no longer wearing, consider selling some or most of them.

If you’re planning to sell these items online, make sure to make them appear visually pleasing. Consider digitally retouching jewelry photos before listing your products for sale.

Disney VHS Tapes

If you have these tapes lying around, don’t throw them away just yet. Some Disney fanatics may be looking for old VHS copies of classic animated films that they can add to their collection. Whether the product is a vintage VHS copy of Mary Poppins or some Disney Christmas movie that aired on TV a long time ago, you’ll want to sell your old tapes to diehard and willing-to-pay Disney fans.


Your crowded closet may just be the solution you need for your current cash problems. When choosing the apparel that you’re going to sell, pick the ones that no longer spark joy.

Then, list your items for sale on social commerce or peer-to-peer resale marketplace platforms, such as Tradesy and Poshmark. The drawback, though, is that you may have to wait for buyers to purchase your goods.

If you need quick cash, try selling your clothes to thredUP, an online consignment store. They’ll purchase your name-brand jeans, sweaters and skirts off your hands. You won’t get much for selling most clothing items, but you’ll probably fare better when your closet is full of designer labels.

Kitchen Gadgets

Sell any gadget that you don’t use every day (or wouldn’t miss at all), such as the panini maker and the egg yolk separator you bought on the TV shopping channel. Getting rid of rarely used gadgets will help boost your bank balance and reduce the clutter in your kitchen.

Children’s Toys

Kids eventually outgrow their toys. Once they grow tired of playing with the latest gizmo or gadget, they stuff it away in their toy chest.

Before you toss away those old playthings, find out whether you can sell them. If the toys in your home are in decent condition and clean, consider listing them on Craigslist or through Facebook groups in your location. You could also sell your items to Once Upon a Child, a children’s resale franchise.

Holiday Decorations

Although the Christmas decors in your home can beautify your living space, they can’t do anything to improve your financial situation – not unless you sell them, of course. Some items you that you can trade for cash are:

  • Christmas wreaths that you hang on your front door and other parts of your house
  • Holiday-themed candle warmers
  • Tabletop items, such as nativity scenes
  • Christmas-themed table linens
  • Accessories or décor that go on your Christmas tree


You won’t get rich by selling your college textbooks, fiction novels, personal development books and other paperbacks, but this move could help you stretch your budget. Dozens of websites, such as Amazon, Powell’s and BookScouter, will pay for those items.

Selling these seven items in your home can give you the money you need to help get your checking account balance back in the black. Take note that this strategy isn’t a long-term solution to your money problems. This will, however, help put food on the table for a few weeks or months if you’re really strapped for cash.

Isa Lillo


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