Signs That Your Staff Aren’t as Tech-Literate as You Think

Technology is, without a doubt, an important part of any business whether it’s a small bakery or an up-and-coming tech startup. Technology helps to make our businesses more efficient, it helps us keep digital records which are vital for smooth business operation and it’s generally a lot cheaper in the long run than using traditional methods.

However, tech requires that you and your staff are trained in its use. If working a computer is challenging or not fluent for an employee, then it could be far slower and often more expensive to rely on technology. This is where training your employees can help, but how do you tell if your staff are actually tech-literate or not?

They’re very slow with typing

You don’t need to be a fast typist to know how to use computers, but if they’re noticeably slower than other employees then it may indicate a lack of fluency with the keyboard and computers in general.

They tend to rely on traditional communication

Tech offers many unique forms of communication like instant messaging, but if you’re constantly getting phone calls or notes written with pen or pencil, it might show that the employee isn’t comfortable with tech.

They constantly ask for help for basic problems

Whether it’s a mouse not working or their phone’s WiFi not connecting, basic tech-related issues should be easily handled by staff that have basic tech literacy training.

They tend to create tech-related issues for others

Whether it’s accidentally disconnecting people from the office network or messing with the formatting of a document, tech-illiterate employees tend to cause delays and issues for others. Below, we’ve included an infographic that can help you and your staff learn how to do some basic tech-related optimisations such as making spreadsheets more efficient and easier to use. This can help you with financial spreadsheets or even shift sheets so that your business is more organized.

Infographic Design by: STL

Isa Lillo


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