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Looking for 1-to-1 support? Here's how I can help you...


WordPress 101: Setup

set up your website

£30/per website
  • 1x30 min call
  • Set up your website
  • Move domain name
  • Set up email addresses

WordPress 101: Basics

learn the basics of WordPress

  • 1x60 min call
  • How to use the WP dashboard
  • Recommended plugins
  • Security + Backups

WordPress 101: Pick a topic

Everything you want to know

  • 1x60 min call
  • You choose the topic
  • An in-depth explanation of the choosen topic
  • Practical examples


Choose the package or the packages that suit you most.

WordPress 101: Setup” is ideal if you need to set up a website/blog but need help in things such as moving or connecting a domain name from a different provider or creating new email addresses.

WordPress 101: Basics” is the perfect package if you want to learn a general knowledge about WordPress. We will go through all the basic steps to understand the platform and using is it at its best. I will help you choosing the best plugins for your website and how to install them. Furthermore, we’ll go through the basic of how to keep you website safe and set up regular backups.

WordPress 101: Pick a topic” is the best choice if you want to learn an in-depth knowledge about a specific topic. How to use a certain plugin, how to add a certain animation, how to create a particular style, CSS, etc… Everything you’ll want to ask about WordPress I answer it. If you choose this package, please send me an email priori to our call with the topic you would like to talk. This will help me create the best content for you 🙂

For every type of package, we will have a call via Zoom or TeamViewer where I will guide you through the different steps.

One of the advantages of a coaching session is the opportunity to work 1-to-1 simultaneously. In this way you will have the opportunity to watch and practice at the same time the topic we are going to talk about. You will be able to take notes or ask to get a registration of our call for you to keep for future references

My main aim for the coaching sessions is to transfer to you the knowledge to master WordPress like a PRO.


You’ve already know how to use WordPress… but the website is not performing how you were expecting? 

Than an audit is the best solution for you!


A written in-depth review of your website or blog concerning the design, the user experience and relevancy of the content. This will also include:

  • A personalised list of suggestions on how you can improve it
  • A list of resources you might find helpful


A written in-depth review of your website or blog concerning its performance and insights from the last 1 or 2 months . This will also include:

  • A detailed list of the best and worst performing pages, source of traffic, location, views, users, etc..
  • A personalised list of suggestions on how you can improve it


Choose the preferred audit or both of them.

For the “Personalised Website Audit” I will need the URL of the website, a short description of what is about and your niche/audience. Feel free to include any other information you might found relevant.

For the “Google Analytics Audit” I will need access to the Google Analytics of your website or blog (you can set it up from your own account without giving me any login details). The audit will be elaborate by taking in account the last 1 or 2 months (please specify which one you prefer).