If there’s one human photography subject that’s a good blend of interesting, challenging, and fun, it’s children. You have been one yourself before, but you’ll find that working with them will force you to consider ideas that you’ve lost touch with as an adult. And all of this makes for potentially difficult but satisfying work.

If you need to take pictures of them, regardless if it’s commercial or personal, then it’s best to keep these pointers in mind.

Be ready to improvise

Children can be an unpredictable bunch, so you need to be ready for anything as well as be prepared to make do. They’re not smiling at all? Make a shot that makes good use of their mood. They’re too fond of going all over the place? Try using a camera that takes multiple shots in a short time. Also, may it be for shooting pre-teens or babies, a photo editing service is also good to have in case you have pictures that need a bit of tweaking.

Get permission from the parents

Before you ever think of taking a child’s photo, you need to get the consent of the parents or guardians. After all, if the picture is going to be displayed in public, especially on the internet, it might become a security hazard. At least they’ll know who is taking the pictures and why, and that they’re the ones who have the say on whether their child should be included or not. It’s better to be safe about it than to assume that it’s okay.

Get down to their level

Children have a different perspective on life and their surroundings compared to us adults. So, instead of forcing them to go with what you want, why not follow their lead instead. Try meeting them at their eye level, rather than looming above them like an imposing giant. You would get more interesting shots if you try to go with their flow, as opposed to going exclusively with your ideas.

Make it a fun experience

Children will be more willing to go along with what you’re doing if they find it fun. You can try and treat the whole photo shoot as one big game, or you can let them play with some of the props and toys. You can also give them small rewards for doing good here and there. Some ice cream at the end of a session would be great, too. Also, they’re more likely to smile at you if you smile at them first. Let them know that you find the activity pleasant and the entire vibe will be positive all around.


All in all, children are great subjects to work with for your photography project. They liven up every shot with their tiny smiles and innocent eyes. Feel free to explore themes and perspectives of play that adults may have lost touch with.

The honesty found in kids clearly shows through in most cases, providing a refreshing sight to even the worst cynics. Just be sure to treat them well, and you will be able to take their pictures without too much trouble.

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