Wingham Singers are a local choir in Kent. They asked me to create a new website from scratch, which includes a Members’ Area where sheet music and resources for practising can be uploaded for members only.

The layout is based on a scrollable landing page, with customised colours and images.

I modified the themes’ original colours to match the background pictures and enhance the user experience.

Custom Login

I personalised the login area with the logo to make it unique.

Map Widget

I included a map widget that shows the location of the choir’s practice location to enhance the users’ navigation experience.

Facebook Page Integration

A Facebook Page Integration is a great way to show recents posts and announcements so the choir don’t miss out on any information!

Visit the entire website on

Hosting, Security and Maintenance

Wingham Singers have also asked me to be in charge of the maintenance, hosting and security updates for the website. Yay!