Benjamin Scott is a is a freelance musician operating throughout the UK.

In 2016, he created a website on Squarespace for his expanding freelancing career as keyboardist, conductor and composer. He become very busy with the schedule, so decided to invest in someone who takes care of the website and maintenance so he could focus on other activities.

I started to maintain the website updated on a monthly basis, checking if everything was alright, the content up-to-date, adding and deleting new pages.

He’s business was (and still) expanding, so he needed a much more flexible website where he could literally add “everything he wanted”, like future concerts, booking system and more.

I suggested to move the website on WordPress – as its one of the few CMS that allow a complete customisation. 

We decided to maintain a similar design to the original, with black background and bold white text, but including more functionality: more social icons, a more smooth responsive layout and images and blog section. 

Benjamin was very pleased with the final results that decided to hire me for further projects as Web Designer and Developer.

Isa has provided website building, restyling, hosting and maintenance for both my personal site and other projects I am involved with. Her impeccable professionalism, helpful manner and willingness to go the extra mile has really shone through the final products.

Benjamin Scott