Benjamin Bevan is a British baritone managed by Christopher Carroll Managements.

He needed a new brand new website designed to showcase his skills and attract new contracts, as well as presenting the various reviews earned during his bright career as opera singer.

His previous website was outdated, non-responsive, having the same design from 2004 (OMG!) and it didn’t show his strengths at the current stage of his career.

ben bevan before

We decided to go for a complete restyling. We opted for a minimalist but classy look. White background with a slim black font.

ben Bevan after

Benjamin wanted a whole section dedicated to the numerous reviews he receives after the performances. The section is very important because he can showcase his skills to anyone who’d like to hire him.

Ben Bevan

Furthermore, one page of the website is fully dedicated to a calendar of forthcoming performances, including a link to book the tickets and the venue’s addresses.

The website is updated every week to make sure all information is correct. If you want to visit the website, please go to