Operational Faux Pas To Stamp Out Of Your Manufacturing Business

When running a manufacturing firm, maintaining optimal efficiency should be at the top of your agenda. After all, wasted time and money will severely harm your productivity levels. Likewise, inadequate processes will yield inadequate products.

Winning outcomes can only be achieved by putting the right strategies in place. Frankly, then, avoiding the pitfalls is just as significant as making positive additions. Here are seven you must look out for.

#1. Not Making The Most Of Modern Tech

Automation has improved businesses in virtually every workspace and environment. The manufacturing factories can be among the biggest beneficiaries. Automated equipment has developed to the stage where some companies can even operate unmanned. Ocado is a great example. Speed and accuracy will reach new heights, bringing better productivity.

#2. Not Monitoring Your Equipment

If you are planning to use modern equipment, it’s vital that you keep it in good health. Otherwise, even the minor mistakes can lead to problems with productivity, order fulfillment, and more. Therefore, using software to check the Overall Equipment Effectiveness is highly advised. If nothing else, it’ll allow you to identify and rectify issues in the quickest fashion.

#3. Not Monitoring Your Monitoring Equipment

Of course, tracking performances of people and equipment is futile if you fail to monitor the tools used to do it. Multilin relay retrofits ensure that downtime can be eliminated. This is when doing updates on your performance management systems. When supported by backup power generators for when the grid is down, your firm will never fail to perform.

#4. Not Using Outsourced Data

Outsourcing can be used to enhance many aspects of your business, not least when it comes to big data. While you may not consider the manufacturing plants to need it, they do. Your factories are connected to offices, stores, and other departments at all times. Servers and hardware need suitable environments. Outsourced space is the answer.

#5. Not Supporting Your Team

Employees are your greatest resource. So, keeping them happy is essential at all times. When you don’t, reduced morale will hit productivity levels. Similarly, you will find that errors are more commonplace and staff turnover increases. Even when dealing with a factory environment, people are the key to long-term success. Do not ignore them for a second.

#6. Not Getting Organised

Manufacturing environments are immensely busy. Items are being created and transported. Meanwhile, lots of workers are completing different jobs. As such, good organisation is key. As well as a practical floorplan with good access to all items, consider the daily challenges. 3D Printing Solutions can serve you well. For replacing parts or running prototypes.

#7. Not Implementing Proper Security

Finally, you must avoid any threat of allowing outside dangers to disrupt your progress. In a world where we are primarily worried about cyberattacks, it’s easy to ignore real world theft. The loss of stock, equipment and other key items will harm your bottom line if you allow it to. CCTV, access control, and the use of security staff will put you back in control. Perfect.

Isa Lillo


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