Mistakes You’re Making Moving Right Now

There is so much that can go wrong during a move, and right now, you need every bit of help possible. The problem? Well, we’re in a pandemic and that means that you may not get the same help as if you were moving outside a pandemic situation. For example, moving companies may not be helping people move just in case they come into contact with positive cases. So much can go wrong, and yet so many people are moving right now anyway because while a pandemic is causing an interruption, life continues on!

Not everyone gets the choice of when they have to move, and it’s important that you know that you can still pay for  Sydney Ute Van Hire to help you out. You might not be able to get anyone to pack your stuff and move you properly, but you can still pack it up and move for yourself. You can still move to a new home or a new office. You do need to make sure that you’re not making too many mistakes, though, and we’ve got a list of the mistakes you’re making right now:

You’re forgetting to protect your friends.

When you DIY move, you have to remember that you need to protect your friends. Masks, sanitiser, gloves and if you have it, sanitation supplies to wipe down door handles and things that you touch together. Keep them protected and make sure that everyone is on the same page with sanitizing, too.

You’re not getting your mover.

Are you going the company route? You need to vet your movers to make sure that the company you use is a licensed company in your state. You should never just hire cowboys – you never know what they’re going to do with your stuff!

You’re using recyclables.

The COVID-19 virus can live on cardboard for a whole day, and on plastic and steel for 72 hours. If you ensure that you clean all boxes made with plastic and avoid recyclable boxes from the supermarket, you’ll reduce the risk of being another statistic in the pandemic.

You didn’t prepare.

You need to reduce the amount of movement in your home while you are moving your boxes. If you have friends helping, you need to gather as much as possible into one room so you don’t have people roaming the house to find everything that you need.

You didn’t deep clean the new house.

Before you move into the new house, call in COVID-safe sanitation teams to deep clean the whole thing. You can do the same with the home you are moving out of too. A professional move in/move out cleaning Phoenix team, or cleaning service in your location, will leave your house hygienically clean and secure and take the stress out of moving for you. After all, you need to ensure that your new house is as clean as possible for moving into. You don’t want to have anyone else’s leftover germs in there if you can avoid it.

Moving in a pandemic isn’t advisable but it’s not always avoidable, either. Take your time to plan your move carefully so that you avoid these mistakes! You don’t need to be another patient at the local hospital because you made mistakes.

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