Maintenance Tips For Your 2021 Workspace

No matter what kind of work space you have, it is likely that standards will slip from time to time. Even if you work at home from your laptop, or in a small office space, or even in a creative studio – tidiness, general cleanliness and maintenance are easy to lose track of.

However, maintaining a clean, tidy and easy to access workspace is crucial for your personal and commercial success. In this piece, we will explore maintenance tips for a range of workspaces. 

Are you ready to transform your workspace with minimal effort? Let’s go!

1. Your Home Office

Let’s start from the very beginning: your home office. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, most office workers spent at least some of this time working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in people working from their sofas, their beds, their kitchen tables and even their bathrooms!

If you already have a home office setup, you might be tempted to scroll past this section. Well, don’t!

You spent eight hours per day at this desk, in this space. That’s probably more time than you spend in the rest of your house, apart from your bedroom. Is the effort you have made towards making it clean, tidy and bright, reflective of the amount of time you spend there? 

One way to brighten up your home office is to bring some of the most calming objects in your home, into the space. This could be a picture of your family, a plant, a colourful painting or your favourite blanket.

2. Your Commercial Office Space

Now, let’s go one bigger: your commercial office space. If you run a small business that works out of a small commercial office, you might be looking for ways to better maintain it. 

You and your employees deserve to work in a safe location. Do you have a to-do list as long as your arm, when it comes to improving the space? Start ticking off that list sooner, rather than later. 

This could be done by hiring a commercial electrician to brighten up the lighting, thereby improving your productivity. It could be by investing in better furnishings for the office, increasing the comfort and the aesthetic all in one. 

Whatever your to-do list entails, get to it! What are you waiting for?

3. Your Studio

If, by chance, you work out of a creative or technical studio, this section is for you!

It is super easy to let your studio become cluttered and dirty, simply because you spend more time on your work than caring about what the studio looks like. While this is an understandable mindset, tidying and cleaning your studio helps your brain to feel more productive. It also prolongs the life of your equipment; all equipment lasts longer if it is regularly cleaned and stored in the right place.

Why not take ten minutes per day to see how you could maintain or update your work space? You’ll never regret the time you spend on these little changes; they can be immensely valuable in boosting your productivity and motivation.

Isa Lillo


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