How To Optimise Your Outdoor Workspaces

Are you lucky to have recreational grounds as part of your office space? Need help to optimize your outdoor space for creativity? Being outdoors can boost creativity, collaboration and health among your teams. Leverage your outdoor workspaces to make some fun and inspirational locations for your teams as they work. This article will explore how to maximise your outdoor workspaces.

Get An Outdoor Gym

Outdoor gym equipment can be a great asset to your outdoor workspaces. Allowing your teams to exercise outdoors can save them money and boost their mental health. Regular physical activity can help people with resilience, self-esteem and motivation. You can enjoy productive and happy teams with a small investment in outdoor exercise equipment. 

Create Outdoor Work Spaces

Outdoor workspaces can create a positive change in an office environment. Ensure you provide adequate WiFi, furniture and thermal support to utilize the space in the colder months. Even opening up existing office space with glass walls so people can enjoy the view can go a significant way to boosting productivity. When creating outdoor workspaces, leverage its use throughout the year, with snug working nooks and presentation screens to incentivise its use as a working space.

Create Nature Walks

Creating nature walks and areas of beauty can make a big difference to someone’s working day. Consider planting perennial plants to enjoy colorful flora that come back every year. You might want to grow indigenous trees, curate a rockery garden, or use water features or ponds to create calming locations for people to visit. Don’t forget benches and tables where people can sit on their lunch break.

Make Spaces For Outside Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment spaces can make a big difference to people’s morale. Consider hosting an outdoor cinema event, a monthly barbecue in the summer, or even creating an outdoor cafe. You might want to host a sports game on your grounds or set up an entertainment committee. Statistics show that employees are 12% happier when they feel valued. Show your teams that you care by creating an outdoor space they can enjoy after work.

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Having gym classes outdoors can make a big difference to employee wellbeing, incredibly if they are relaxing classes. Consider hosting yoga classes in your natural spaces and allowing employees to schedule them before, during and after work. Consider other classes like boxing classes or martial arts to create some variety for your teams.

Host Events

Consider using your outdoor workspaces for community or client events. If you’ve got a big screen, consider opening it up to charities or other businesses to host their own presentations or events. You could make some additional money from hiring it out as a space or use the area to raise awareness for particular charities. 

Final Thoughts

Outdoor workspaces can be far more than just a green lawn. They can be outdoor gym spaces with the equipment and classes to match. They could be outside working spaces, encouraging collaboration in refreshing outside spaces. You could host an outdoor barbecue, movie night or games event, rewarding your teams with monthly incentives. Your outdoor workspaces can be used to create a happy and motivated workforce.

Isa Lillo


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