If you’ve just recently started a blog… Congratulations!! And I’m so glad to see that more and more people are approaching this fantastic way of expressing themselves.

But, if like me, you’ve thought of taking blogging to the next level, you probably interested to know how to make money as a new blogger.

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How to make money as a new blogger

How to Make Money as a New Blogger

If you’ve read my blog recently, I’m sure you didn’t miss the post on How I Made $241 Blogging in February 2019.

As a new blogger, I was quite surprised myself of the results! I still remember, even when I earnt the first $1 it seemed the top of the world.

I’m still learning and don’t consider myself an expert. But, I hope that by sharing some of the tips that I implemented can be inspirational for you too.

Promote your blog

It’s a hell of a job, but if you don’t show your blog out there no one will visit it! Hence, no one will purchase your product/service or through affiliate links. So you need to actively promote your blog every day.

In order to make any money, you need people. People interested in what you write about and what you offer/sell.

So, start testing where those people hang out. Don’t just post your latest post hoping that hundreds of other bloggers will visit it.

Test all social media (that fit your audiene of course) and see which one is more successful. When you start to see good results in a strategy you implemented, keep that one and refine it.

If it’s working why should you change it?

Is better to focus on social media at the time. Is definitely better to have 1 strategy in place than 4 not working. Once you’ve mastered one platform, pass to the next one.

And if you cannot really understand it, a good idea is to invest in some courses. I was REALLY struggling with Pinterest so I decided to invest in Ell Duclos’ Pinterest Marketing.

I wish I did it before.

I gained 115+ followers in just 10 days, monthly views and engagement are growing every day and a one of my pin had 9.5K views. All this in just 10 DAYS!

Click here to see the course in full details.

Join Ad Networks

Placing ads in your content and blog is a great way to start making some moeny.

Of course at the beginning, you won’t earn hundreds of $, but it will be correlated to the number of visitors. So, the more your blog grows, the more ads earning you’ll make,

As a new blogger, there are limited networks you can join. Even Google Adsense is now stricter to join now and, for example, I’ve been rejected all the times I’ve tried.

So after the advice of other bloggers, I opted to go for Media.net. They offer contextual adverts, meaning that your visitors will see what they’re interested in and more likely to click instead of random ads.

They offer a good PPC revenue and it’s relatively easy to be accepted into the program even if you are a new blogger.

Want to give it a go? Use my affiliate link to earn 10% more on any revenue you generate in the first 3 months! Click here to get started.

Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to make sales for a new blogger. You don’t need to create any product or course because you are using someone else’s and promoting it.

You can start to recommend and join affiliate programs of things you use on a everyday base and mention in your blog.

For example, my blog is with Bluehost and I decided to join their affiliate program. That means that I can recommend their web hosting services but, if someone is using my affiliate link to make a purchase, I’m earning a small commission.

So, if you’re reviewing a beauty product positively why don’t you recommend it and leave an affiliate link?

Or alternatively, you can make a post about “X things that helped me with Y”, advise these X things and leave the affiliate link for your readers to buy and you can earn a commision.

Easy peasy 🙂

You can join affiliate programs directly on the brand’s website (if they offer it) or through affiliate networks.
My favourites that accept new bloggers are ShareASale and iGain. They are free to join and you can make some good extra income.

Write sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are another great way to earn “bigger” money cause usually they pay more than the options above.

In a sponsored posts you are paid to talk about a product or a service from the brand who reach you or they reach you.

Again, you can reach out to brands directly or join networks which connects bloggers with brands.

It’s not easy. There a lot of competition and brands can reject you if you haven’t the requirements.

Usually, they are interested in the level of engagement of your readers and followers with your blog/brand.

My advice is, as a new blogger you can try to reach to smaller brands. For example, something local or with a small reach. They probably have a smaller budget which can be beneficial for you. They cannot afford to pay $500 for a sponsored post but maybe they can afford $100. And for a new blogger is a good starting point.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most helpful tips I implemented myself to start making money as a new blogger.

Of course, as your blog grow, your knowledge and experience do too and you can aim to bigger things. But the things above are a good starting point for everyone who wants to bring blogging to the next level.

I’d love to hear your journey! Let me know in the comment below in which stage of your journey you are and if you are planning to monetise your blog.

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Great tips! I’m still waiting on Google Adsense and I’m starting to get very frustrated with them. At least there are plenty of other options out there.


I know, I’ve never been accepted into the program 🙁 Let me know how you find it!


Great tips! Promoting your blog is a very useful one 😀


Glad it helped 🙂


I’m starting with affiliate links:)


Fabulous 🙂


Hi Isa, thanks for these tips👌🏾I want to checkout Media.net, heard positive reviews about this ad program so I’ll use the link you sent too😊

Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com


Let me know how you getting on with Media.net 🙂

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