How to effectively increase conversion of your sale page

If you are launching or selling a product/course/ebook/etc.. I’m sure you are familiar with conversion rate.

You are also spending a lot of time and money to bring people to your business website, for example with webinars and ads campaign, but you feel that not enough people are filling out your sale page.

That sucks 🙁

You know that your product is good: you’ve certainly tested across different platforms, you’ve asked for feedback and all the things that a sensible entrepreneur would do.

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How to effectively increase conversion of your sale page

how to increase conversion rate

So, what is the problem?

If you have a look at your sale page, the biggest reason why people might abandon the page without filling out your form is distraction!

How can distraction take users away from my sale page?

Well, majority of web pages contain multiple offers which distract users. Therefore, taking them away from the most important part, your lead generation forms.

In this way, people get confused about what you are selling. They loose the focus about the reason why they are in your sale page or even question if, because there are so many other offers, what you’re offering worth the money.

How to fix it?

We need to fix this quickly! We want to increase your conversion rate because you are putting money and time into it.

The easiest way and quickest way is to create a distraction free landing page.

As a web designer, I’ve noticed that the biggest challenge with WordPress forms is that all form layouts are controlled by WordPress themes, and most themes simply don’t prioritise form layouts. Or even worst, they lack the ability to create custom landing pages.

Not good.

So, in order to fix this problem we need a plugin called WP Forms. Follow the link to download, install and activate the plugin. Once done, go to WPForms>Settings and select Form Pages at the end of the list.

Now check the “Enable Form Pages Mode” box to start customising your landing page.

How to effectively Increase Conversion of your sale page

You can add your logo, custom page title, description, and define the landing page URL.

When you’ve finished, click Save at the top of the page.

About the plugin

The cool thing about WP Forms is how versatile can be! Did you know that you can create a landing page for your email list? Or a registration and login form for a membership website.

You can also create surveys that can help you create better content for your readers. If you’re interested you can check this post on how to create a survey in WordPress.

Or you can create a simple contact form in your “contact” page.

As you can see, you can use the plugin for many purpose across your website or blog. And you don’t need to download ten other plugins to do so because WP Forms has all-in-one.

In conclusion

If you are struggling with conversion rate, this is going to be your game changer to finally see the results you were hoping for.

I’d love to know if you are planning to create a landing page for a product if you are using other plugins and how’s your experience. Leave a comment below.How to effectively Increase Conversion of your sale page

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