How To Find Pinterest Keywords Using The New Pinterest’s Own Keyword Planner Tool – 2021 Version

Are you looking for a free keyword planner or a Pinterest keyword tool to find keywords for Pinterest?

Probably you’ve stumbled across different blogs on Pinterest but they all showing the old obsolete method. Quite frustrating. 

In this post, I’ll show you how to find Pinterest keywords by using the new 2021 version of Pinterest’s own keyword planner tool. Absolutely for free. Just follow the steps below and find keywords for your Pinterest strategy.

How to use Pinterest Keyword Planner Tool

The best way to find the most search and most relevant keyword on Pinterest is to use Pinterest’s own advertising keyword research tool.

Does that mean we need to run adverts, set up an ad campaign, ad account, etc? No 🙂 We don’t need any of this. We are just going to use a tool that will help us discover the most popular searches in your niche and any relevant keyword that people like your readers look up on Pinterest.

Once you find the right keywords for you, you can apply them in your Pinterest strategies whether it’s to grow your followers, increase visits to your blog, increase sales, gain new subscribers to your mailing list.

How to find Pinterest Keyword Planner Tool

Let’s dive into the technicals. I’ll try to be as accurate as possible but if you find any difficulties, just leave a comment and I’ll gladly help you.

Step 1

From the top left menu, select the dropdown menu “create” and click on “create ads”. Remember, we won’t create an ad but we need that screen to access the keyword research tool.

Step 2

We are now in the ad manager account. When asked “Choose a campaign objective” click on “consideration” or “brand awareness”. This isn’t really relevant, as we’re not setting up an ad campaign for real, we just need to go to the next step. Scroll down the page and click “Continue”.

Step 3

We are now on the page where we can see the “keyword & interest” tab that we actually need for finding keywords on Pinterest but it’s locked.

To unlock it we need to select the “find new customers” targeting detail. Click on “select”. It will unlock the other sections.

Step 4

Click the drop-down menu of the “keywords & interest” tab and you’ll see something like that. 

To unlock it we need to select the “find new customers” targeting detail. Click on “select”. It will unlock the other sections. (4)

Click on “add keywords” to get the keyword research tool. And this is where your keyword research starts!

Step 5

Start typing a keyword that’s relevant to you. For example, I entered “makeup”. 

To unlock it we need to select the “find new customers” targeting detail. Click on “select”. It will unlock the other sections. (5)

You can notice, the first result is the keyword plain as I entered. After that, you’ll have other keywords that users usually search related to the “makeup” words. You can also notice the volume search of the given keyword. 

And that’s it on how to use Pinterest keyword research tool as keyword planner!

The Beauty of using keywords on Pinterest

There are lots of reasons why you should be using keywords on Pinterest. The platform, rather than a social media, it works more similarly to a search engine, just like Google. Users type in a topic they’re interested in and they get the results.

Furthermore, your pins don’t get forgotten after time, as it happens on Twitter. On the contrary, your pins can pick up during their lifetime, and remain in the search results for a keyword.

If you want to know more about Pinterest keywords, I’ve written a post about a very helpful course that teaches you exactly how to use them and unveil their potential.

Isa Lillo


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