How To Draw Attention To Your New Product

For business owners, launching a new product is an incredibly exciting proposition, but it can also be nerve-racking. It’s natural to want to make a splash and get people talking. In this guide, we’ll outline some effective strategies to draw attention to your new product. 


Packaging design is one of the most influential factors for customers who are browsing aisles and looking for items to add to their baskets or trolley. Some products leap out while others blend into the background and some trigger more positive perceptions and impressions than others. If you’re working on a new product, it’s essential to think carefully about what you want the packaging to look like, as well as the item itself. Consider your brand identity and the target audience. Do you want to be bold and bright and create a sense of fun, or are you keen to ensure your brand comes across as professional, smart and sophisticated? There are lots of factors to consider, including colours, fonts, product descriptions, images, straplines and logos and the type of packaging. 

When you’re designing packaging for your product, work with professional designers and companies that specialise in using specific materials and providing services and products like pigment dispersions and secure seals. It’s important to focus on quality, as well as aesthetic appeal and consistent, impactful branding. Take the time to test different designs and collect customer feedback before you make your final decision. 


You’ve got a fantastic product ready to launch. The next step is to tell people all about it and encourage them to buy or try it. There are several ways you can market new products, including SEO and social media marketing, email marketing, business events, tradeshows and exhibitions and handing out free samples or trials. Draw up a strategy that will help you to target your ideal customer and focus on techniques that are relevant to the brand and the audience. Social media is very popular among buyers aged between 16 and 40, for example. Local SEO and flyers and shows and festivals are great for promoting local businesses and introducing customers to products that complement their interests. If you’ve got a new dog toy, for example, running a stand or a stall at a dog show or a pet fair is an excellent choice. 

Brand Messaging

A strong brand identity can help you to push products and gain a competitive advantage. Many consumers want more than great products at attractive prices. They also want to connect with businesses and buy from brands that share their values. More than 80% of customers prefer to buy from companies that have the same values. Promote your brand, as well as the product. Tell your story, introduce your team, let customers get to know you and share information about your company culture and ethos.

If you are launching a new product, it’s important to drum up interest and create a buzz. Think carefully about packaging designs, and choose marketing methods that will help you to connect with your target audience and promote your brand, as well as the product.

Isa Lillo


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