One question that a lot people ask me is “How do I start a website in WordPress”?

As a web designer I create and design website for a living, but there’s no reason why you can do it too.

How to start a website in WordPress for business

There are many reason why you would like to start a website on your own. It’s cheaper than hiring a professional, you have everything under control and more…

Especially in you’ve just started out a business and not sure how it will go OR not actually have to money for paying a professional, setting a website by yourself is the best option.

Whether the situation is, I’d love to guide you through the steps that I implement myself to create a brand new website in WordPress.


To create a website you will need a website building platform. Do the name WordPress sounds familiar to you?

WordPress is one of the different platforms that help you building a website for your business. You won’t need coding knowledge as WordPress offers a visual editor experience. Great for beginners or non techie people. to create the website exactly how you want.

There are also other platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and more… I highly recommend WordPress to start with for the reason above.

TOP TIP: Choose a platform who can offer you a completely responsive website, you want you audience to be able to access the website from any device.


Once you’ve chosen the platform, you’ll need to get a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name will be the name that appears in the URL of a web browser, for example

Owning a domain name looks much more professional than You can also use it to track and see your customers’ behaviour with tools like Google Analytics.

Interested on how to use Google Analytics for your business? Read the guide here.

To choose domain name you can use the name of your company or your own name if you’re a freelance, for example.

Easily check if your domain name is available in the box below, to make sure you’ve got it before someone else.

Once you’ve got the domain sorted, you’ll need to get the web hosting.

Web Hosting is the platform that connect your site to the internet and store all the information like web pages, images, videos and other files. For myself and my clients I use Bluehost and I highly recommend them if you want a stress-free service and helpful customer service.


Now you’re ready to set up and create your brand new website!!

Bluehost offers a 1-click WordPress installation, but in case it doesn’t work just go in the control panel of your account and click the “wordpress” or “website” icon. Then choose the domain where you want to install the website and click “install”. Your website should be now live and ready to be customise.

To access the website and start customise it, in a new tab type (replace “yoursite” with your domain of course) and you’ll be redirected to the WordPress dashboard.

From here you can change the theme, add/delete pages, create blog post, install plugins and much more.

Don’t know which plugins you should install? Check this list of plugins suitable for all beginners.

TOP TIP: Remember to backup the website before you do any considerable changes! In the case something goes wrong you you’ll loose everything. Check how you can backup your website for free with just a plugin. Click here for the post.

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