How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress

Forms are a great way to gather information from your readers.

For example you can collect information for a mailing list, simple details like name, surname and website URL or even something more complicated like a form to join a your Pinterest group board.

But we don’t want to give our readers a bored and impersonal form that just look like “TYPE YOUR NAME HERE”. We want them to feel like they’re having a conversation, like talking face-to-face.

That’s why in this post I want to show you how to create a conversational form in WordPress.

How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress

Conversational forms, as the name says, are forms where it seems to have a real face-to-face conversation between the readers and you.

Because it creates a more friendly, personal and interactive experience, readers will be more likely to complete it and, whatever the goal of that form is, it will help you to reach that goal faster.

If you’re curious to see how a conversational form looks like, click here to see the live DEMO.

What can I use conversational forms for?

There are some different reason why you might want to use a conversational form instead of a normal one. Here’s a couple:

  • Guided Experience: From question one to submission of the form, only the current step will be focus. This helps your readers to focus one thing at time, just like a real conversation.
  • Standalone Page: You can display the form as a page on its own, without other distractions like ads, links, etc..
  • Navigation Options: With conversational forms your readers don’t need to click, scroll down or wander around the page. They can just fill out the entire form with their keyboard if they’d like (and can still use a mouse, as well).

Installing the Conversational Forms Add-on

First thing first, you need to download, install and activate WPForms. This is a plugin that will help you create forms in just a click. Click here to visit the plugin page and download it.

Once is activated and you’ve verified the license key, you’ll have to install and activate the Conversational Forms Add-on. To do so, got to the “addons” tab of the plugin and search for “Conversational Forms Addon“. If you cannot find it, click “refresh addons“.

Once you’ve found it, click on “Install addon“, wait a moment and you’ll then see “Activate” in the status.

With the add-on activated we can continue to the next step.

Creating and Customising the Conversational Forms

To create and customise a conversational form, you need to create a new or edit an existing form.

Once you’ve opened the form builder, go to Settings>Conversational Forms. Now check the box labeled “Enable Conversational Form Mode“.

More options will appear when you check that box. Here the options available:

  • Conversational Form Title and Message. You can add a title to your form that will appear in large text near the top of your conversational form’s page;
  • Message. You can optionally add a message that will be displayed under the title. For example, you can share instructions or extra details with your readers;
  • Permalink. If you want to use the conversational form as a landing page (for example for a Pinterest group board joining form) you can give it a unique permalink (the URL you see in the web browser).
  • Header Logo. You can upload a logo or image in the header area. This is a great way to personalise your form!
  • Hide WPForms Branding. You can hide the WPForms logo in the footer just by clicking the box labeled Hide WPForms Branding.
  • Color Scheme. You can choose different colour scheme to match with your own brand colour. You can also click the eye dropper icon to choose any custom colour.
  • Progress Bar. In the conversational form’s footer, readers will be able to see their progress within the form. You can choose to display it in Percentage or Proportion format.

In Conclusion

Conversational forms are a great way to enhance your readers experience and make them feel like they’re actually chatting with you.

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