How To Create A Logo For Your Small Business

When it comes to starting your small business, probably one of the first things you think about, apart from the name of the business, is the logo.

A logo is like the identity of your small business. It helps your customers recognise your business amongst all others. Also, a logo can help show the character and identity of your business. 

How to create a logo for your small business

Nowadays, thanks to technology and how easily it can be accessed, is very easy to create modern logos for your small business. There are endless possibilities and it’s all about the result that you want and the budget that you can afford. 

Especially if starting a small business, your budget can be pretty tight because you need to invest money in other aspects of your business too.

Style and Branding Essentials for Your Small Business Logo

When creating the logo for your small business, isn’t just about picking colours and fonts but more about a visual narrative that harmonises seamlessly with your business.

Think of it as your brand’s first impression, like a visual handshake with your audience. The colours you choose and even the fonts play a vital role in conveying the “spirit” of your business venture.

Are you a cutting-edge tech startup? Embrace sleek modernity. A boutique bakery? Opt for warm, inviting tones.

Hire a Freelancer Without Breaking Your Budget

We mentioned before that because you’ll probably have other expenses at the start of your business endeavour, the budget for the logo might be tight.

Fortunately, this is not a problem in our modern days. A great website to get your logo designed by a professional is Fiverr.

If you’ve never heard of it before, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers from all over the world to promote their logo design services (and it’s not just limited to this, just in case you’re looking to outsource other things).

The price range goes from $10 to $150 so you have plenty of choice without breaking the bank.

What to Consider When Getting a Logo Done

It might be the first time you ask someone to create a logo for you, or maybe it’s even the first time you create a logo for something. What should you consider with so many people offering almost the same thing?

When surfing through the offers on Fiverr, choose a freelancer that offers as many revisions as possible. This is because your ideal logo might not match with their interpretation and will need amendment.

Remember to choose a time frame for your logo to be completed that suits your deadline. If you need to prepare for a launch and you only have a few days on your hands, it might be worth investing in a “fast delivery” add-on.

Lastly, choose someone who can provide you with a copy of the logo with a transparent background. In this case, you can virtually use it everywhere and with every background colour in case you make changes in the future.

The importance of a logo for your small business

No matter what your choice will be, a logo for your small business is very important.

A well-designed logo enables your business to build trust within your customers. It tells them what your business is, what your business does and the benefits.

Furthermore, a well-designed logo should be part of your branding to help your business thrive.

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