Handling A Blackout At The Office

There are a lot of ways that your office building can be affected when it comes to electrical disruptions in your area. Whether the disruption comes from interruptions in the circuitry or they come from the weather, you need to know how to handle things at work should everything blackout and you’re left without power. 
Being in a blackout can be difficult for a business. You can end up with a lot of money lost if you can’t get your operations back up and running, and while the electrician is fixing the wiring and installing new tactile switches, you need to know how to handle a blackout in the meantime. Being ready for this to happen is normal for some areas around the world, so we’ve got some tech that you need to add to your office survival kit to keep you going when the lights go out!

Power banks

We’re living in a digital world, so it’s only right that our technology reflects this. We need to have power banks and portable chargers so that we can still keep our phones and tablets going if the power goes out. You need to have enough power to get you through it if you can’t relocate elsewhere or get home because of a storm. Ensuring you have charged power banks in stock to cover everyone in the office is a smart thing to do! You can even pay for solar panels for the roof to ensure that you can keep some of your power going. 

Portable generators

While we are on the subject of the power going out and keeping things charged, you should consider investing in portable generators so that you can keep your computers going. Battery packs and portable generators will ensure that you have as little business interruption as possible.

Battery-powered lighting

There are options out there for lighting powered by battery packs. During a blackout, flashlights will drain quickly but lamps and bigger lighting won’t! You can buy inflatable lanterns, too, that’ll offer up to 24 hours of lighting to help you out!

Also, neon signs are luminous, eye-catching and have a big potential for customisation. If you are to have these, you could consider switching to LED bulbs to ensure you’re saving energy a little better.

A radio can help

If you’re out of power, you won’t be able to get the news to tell you about what’s happening with your office lighting. Decent radios can give you the connection to the outside world that you need without an internet connection. Most radios can come with a hand crank, too, to keep it powered old school style! Keep one or two of these in the office in case of an emergency.

Emergency phones

If you have old phones that will power on with a full battery you’ve charged, you can use that to ensure that you can call out for help if you need it. A blackout may not seem like a big deal for some, but it can be so dangerous! 

A blackout can cause chaos for your community and your business, and now you know what equipment you need to ensure that it’s easy to handle, you can feel secure!

Isa Lillo


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