Giving Your Coffee Shop A Little Extra Appeal

One of the most reliable lifestyle-oriented businesses you can open, you might love nothing more than the idea of serving smiling faces and fulfilling plenty of appetites. That said, running a coffee shop is a very competitive business and it’s going to demand that you’re able to go a step further than most. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can make sure your coffee shop has just a little extra.

Have a vision for it

Before you start getting too bogged down by the details, you have to think about what, exactly, you want your coffee shop to be able to offer. Is there going to be a specific niche that it appeals to? Is it going to have a specific aesthetic or vibe to it? Coffee shops should appeal to large audiences, but if you can offer them an experience that feels slightly more catered or specific, it can really work.

Bringing them in

You want to bring your passing potential customers in, which is where curb appeal comes in. Curb appeal is all about being able to entice your crowd and bring footsteps through your front door before they have had a drop of coffee. Making a visual impact, through high-quality signage as well as good visual merchandising (making your store a more inviting place, visually, from the outside) can do wonders.

Quality settings and services

Of course, once you get them into your coffee shop, that doesn’t mean you have won them over. You want to make sure that they’re glad to come back time and time again. This will rely on a few things, but making your customers feel comfortable is key. This might mean positive and reinforcing training for your staff when it comes to customer service, as well as investment in good furniture and lighting.

The coffee matters most

People come to a coffee shop to drink coffee. That much shouldn’t need much explanation. As such, it is vital that you provide the best drinking experience. This means using high-quality beans such as John Street Beverage, as well as having decent coffee-makers, and training baristas in how to get it just right. Variety is crucial as well, and the ability to customise drinks to some degree is going to help your customers find their favourites and feel a little bit more catered to.

Your marketing matters, too

While the coffee shop experience is always going to be the most important part of your business, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing. Your marketing, your brand, how you reach customers and the feeling that you communicate to them can do wonders. With the help of marketing teams such as The Marketing Cafe, you can make sure that you’re able to make enough noise online to get more people in the store so they can experience it for themselves.

If you have a vision for your coffee shop, then you should work hard to fulfil it. Otherwise, you can yourself lose customers to other local establishments very soon.

Isa Lillo


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