Getting Your Business Convention Ready

You’ve finally reached the point in your business where you can start going to tradeshows and conversions. It is a big deal! But you need to make sure you are prepped and ready so you can put your best foot forward. 

Here are some quick tips to help you get prepped. 


Hundreds of other businesses are also going to be taking the chance to pitch. You could have buyers from huge chains, CEOs from massive companies, or even an influencer in the crowd. Your pitch needs to be almost perfect. If it is too perfect, you’ll take humanity out of it. So a few slip-ups are fine. Work on your pitch with the team extensively ahead of the convention, and give and receive feedback. 


Don’t be tempted to stay on your stand the whole time – because networking only works IF you get right into it. Take a look at the floor plan and the timetable. Which talks do you want to see? And more importantly, who else is likely to be there? Where do you want to be seen? 

Plan a timetable that allows for you and your team to take turns to head out and network, hand out and take business cards. 


If you are considering going with a table and some pamphlets, you might be sorely disappointed to see other businesses with carefully created stands. Your stand is an opportunity to show off your business, what you do and your creativity. It is what will entice people to speak to you (if they weren’t already). Ahead of the convention, sit down with a designer and choose an MDF cutting company to create something that is on brand. 


How you look matters, and even if you aren’t in the position to pay for tailored suits just yet – it is a good idea to get the best-fitting suit you can afford. Not only should you be taking a lot of photos for social media, but you never know who you will be speaking to. Looking presentable is a must. 

Marketing Materials 

Your pitch and friendly face will bring people to the stand, but you should have some easy-to-grab and interesting marketing materials to keep their interest. Everything from business cards to short guides is cool. You can experiment with QR codes that take people to videos if you like! 

Leaving an impression means showing off your personality and your goods simultaneously. 

Second Hello 

Once all of the booths are closed, there are often drinks and dinners – be sure to reserve a place or buy a ticket and show up. You can get a second go around to cement your first impression or make an even better one! 

If there is nothing on offer – create your opportunity and get in touch with people directly and offer a catch-up; keep the focus on business here so that there is clarity. Friendly, but business is the best way forward. 
Always keeping in mind future goals, here is something to consider: How Businesses Can Build a Good Relationship With Foreign Clients ⋆ Isa Lillo.

Isa Lillo


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