Five Ways to Improve Warehouse Safety

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, or the type of warehouse you are running, it can be a dangerous and risky place to work. It’s not just for you, but for everybody who is on the floor of the warehouse paying attention to the job at hand. It’s not just the machinery or the fact that it can be very busy in a warehouse. Earthquakes, fires, and even strong winds can cause some issues with the safety of your warehouse. 

The constant movement of vehicles that are loading and unloading heavy heavy objects into shelves, the chain slings that you have bought lifting everything that may not be strong enough, even the team who may not be wearing the right protective gear. There are many things that you need to look at to see where you can maintain safety in your warehouse. Take a look at five ways to improve warehouse safety below.

Add more lighting

As well as adding more lighting, you could look at the lights that you currently have and adjust the bulbs. Sometimes the simple change in the wattage of the lightbulbs that you use can really help. LED lights can save on power while providing a bright work area for all of your team, but in some cases even if there is light, it still could be too dim. If there are areas of your business you have no light to reach in the corners of nicks at all, installing new lighting will help. All stairways and car parks and even the surroundings of your building should have good lighting. 

Utilize barriers and cordons

Every single warehouse worker understands the importance of separating civilians from the team who are first in the dangerous machinery of a warehouse. You need to prevent collisions at all times, which is why so many warehouse teams use tape and cordons to help. Mucking out safety walkways and roots will keep everybody safe and it will ensure that you don’t end up with a lawsuit. 

Invest in good signage

Safety signs are actually a legal requirement these days, but if your warehouse is only displaying the bare minimum on the safety signs there’s a problem. Not only should you have safety signs around the building within the risky areas and on the outside, but you also need to train your staff so that they understand what those signs are saying and how to act.

Investing and shelving in storage

One of the most important areas of safety is to ensure that you’re so shelving a stable. Pallet safety stops and proper wire rack decking can really help. Invest in these products because it can make the difference between whether your team is injured or not.

Implement a daily clear down

Files of your warehouse should be clear at all times, and before the end of every shift, it should be mandatory for your team to clear down any surfaces, ground that has been filled with buckets and cardboard cut-offs, and even rubbish. When you implement a daily clear down you can ensure that nobody is going to have any accidents after you have left.

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