The First Steps to Fashion Photography

We live in a digital world these days, and most consumers spend their waking hours with their smartphones in hand. Consumers check for the latest trends and buzzwords through online means like social media and other platforms. Given this modern consumer behavior, most media are online nowadays – from magazines to newspapers.

The Internet has millions of photos online, and many of these come in high-definition resolutions. Compared to print magazines, in digital media, photos can be zoomed up close to see details that otherwise would have been compromised by the limitations of print media. With this new format, there is a need for a high-quality finish for photos like fashion photography for magazines.Photo retouch services for photographersallow professionals to deliver polished output for their selected media outlets.

Fashion photography is a glossy industry featuring haute couture and supermodels. Many aspiring photographers these days dream of having their fashion photos featured in magazines and catalogs. Becoming a fashion photographer takes great practice and patience to achieve the desired glamorous result.

Brief History of Fashion Photography

In the early 20th century,photography entered the marketas an advertising tool at the same time when fashion became more accessible to more consumers. Photography was the medium that helped major designers such as Chanel, Balenciaga, and Lanvin rise above the industry by showcasing their distinct styles. At that time, Paris held the spotlight in the fashion world.

With the major shift in fashion after the Second World War, photography likewise faced innovations in approaches and new aesthetics. During the 1970s, fashion photography was influenced by social concerns such as the rise of feminism.

Contemporary fashion photography now has blurred lines between commercial and artistic approaches. Fashion photography now has many forms, and with these forms, photographers escape reality to present the glamour of haute couture and beauty standards.

Fashion Photography Tips

Professional fashion photographers these days have various styles that make them distinct from one another. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, you should study the skills needed in basic photography as well as the trends in the industry. You should develop a keen eye for style, design, and composition if you want to be involved in this fast-paced field.

A good fashion photographer knows excellent composition. Here are some tips on how tocompose striking photoseven as a beginner in the photography industry.

In composing an image, you should consider following the rule of thirds. This is a compositional rule that follows a grid and its intersections in placing the focal point of a given image. By following the rule of thirds, you will lead the viewer’s eye towards a specific point that you want the viewer to focus on, which should contribute to the story that you wish to tell with the photo.

Apart from following the rule of thirds, you can also consider placing your subject at the center of the photo. You may risk creating a rigid composition, but you can make the model come alive through the screen with the right technique. Consider the negative space around the model when composing for a central focus. You can also play around with how other elements in the photo frames her face or figure. This will prevent rigid compositions while the model is placed at the center.

In any case, you should always aim to tell a story with your fashion photography. You might think that it is all about the clothing and how the model projects herself, but telling a narrative through your compositions will allow your photos to become more engaging for the viewers.

The First Shots

Getting started in fashion photographymeans you need to develop a good eye and an excellent set of skills in the craft. You don’t necessarily need a degree in photography, but taking a few photography classes will greatly improve your images.

As a photographer, you should also embrace the idea of post-processing. Fashion photography often needs clean and glossy images that are often retouched before publication. Learn the necessary software and tools to achieve industry standards.

To get a job in the industry, you need to work on your photography portfolio. Show off your best work to potential employers by putting in extra effort in creating an excellent body of work even as an amateur in the field.

Find out what niches in the fashion industry you can offer your photography services to so that you can develop your style and technique accordingly. Fashion photography is a glamorous but tedious job as you deal with clients, designers, and models. Be prepared for the potential pressure and long hours that come with the job.

Fashion photography can be an avenue for self-expression, and the job can take you to many places. Embrace your passion for the craft and hone your skills well so that you can take your place in the spotlight when the time is right.

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