Beat The Summer Heat

The summer heat is going to be upon us before we know it, and for any readers in Australia, the summer heat is going to be your reality at the minute. All around the world people are gearing up for the change in season and for the weather to get warmer, and it can’t be denied that the year is going so quickly now that January is over. It’s soon to be March which signals the start of Spring for a vast portion of the world, which only means the warmer weather is coming. Granted, it might not get to summer temperatures for a while, but why not start preparing your home now? If summer is your reality right now, then there’s so much that you can do to keep your home functioning happily, because we know that sometimes the heat is hard to beat, even in your own home. Whether you like the summer or not, taking any chance to get away from it will usually lead you to the sanctuary of your own home. So, if you keep on reading, we’ll show you how you can beat the summer heat this year!

Summer Decor Set To Trend

Summer decor is some of the best decors. It’s a chance for your home to get light and bright, which brings happiness to so many peoples lives. The amount of people now suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), is rising each year. It’s a condition whereby the doom and gloom of the colder months makes us feel so well…sad. So when it comes to the time of the year when the nights are getting lighter, which has already started to happen, you can don your overalls and get decorating. All it takes is for some of the features in your home to change. The decor on the walls is one of them. For the summer we’d highly recommend that you go nice and bright with either a light grey or a white. Stick to plain walls because there are so many ways that you can bring colour to them through art and other features. The same goes for the accessories you are then able to put around your home. The living room is a perfect example of a room that can easily change. All you have to do is furnish with turquoise blue and you’ve got a tropical theme for your living room. Blue is set to trend all year round, but the lightness of the turquoise blue just screams summer. If you’re living in Australia and love the summer at the minute, adding in these colours to create that tropical vibe, along with indoor plants galore, might be a last-minute change you want to consider.

Doing More For The Planet

When the heat comes, so does the issues it causes to the world. From heatwaves that wipe out water supplies to ones that create fires that are hard to control, the summer sun can do it all. But until something like that happens we don’t tend to think about it. However, if it’s not happening in the country you reside in, it’s probably happening around the world. Just consider the terrible bushfires that recently happened in Australia. So, there is more that you can be doing to ensure your home is doing more for the planet, rather than abusing what it is giving us. The way that you use water is just one of the examples we can think of. During the times of intense heat, it’s so important to make sure you’re conserving water, but instead, we turn to using it more than ever. From cold showers to watering the garden twice a day to keep it looking nice, we tend to abuse the water supply we have. That is until there is a water shortage and the warnings come flooding in. So, why not get a water tank. It will collect the rainwater when it falls, which might be a lot from now until the summer if you’re not in Australia, and then it gives you a water supply for the garden, or even for your home. Water tank pumps can help to filter the water to make it safe to use for humans, or you can simply use it to keep the garden looking fresh. It’s a great way of getting water naturally without having to rely on the systems we usually use.

Get Your Garden Ready

Speaking of the garden, it’s something you’re going to want to get ready, or perhaps even update if you’re going to be spending more time in it this year. We love the idea of having a veranda extending from your house to a point in your garden. It’s a way of getting some shade, and it can become a decorative piece. Wooden slatted verandas are so stylish and offer broken sun and broken shade. If it’s full coverage you’re after, there are options for that as well. Underneath it, you could create a space of pure relaxation. Large outdoor furniture sets that contain corner sofas are so in right now. Or you could go for a swinging padded bench. All of which surrounds a nice BBQ for you to cook some great food on, rather than going out to a beer garden all of the time, you have one in your garden ready to go!

Take A Break

Finally, just take a break from it all and getaway. The reason you most likely love to hate the summer is that the weather is so good, but all you can do is go to work and wait for the weekend to come when the weather decides to go bad again. So make sure that you’re booking yourself some time off to relax. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean going on holiday. If the weather is nice enough there’s no reason why you can’t book a week off and just do nothing at home, or perhaps take a trip down to the beach!

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