6 Tips to be a Successful Woman In Business

If you run your own business like me, you definitely know how difficult can be sometimes: meetings, networking, bank, clients, suppliers, administration tasks. Without considering in the meanwhile to fit family, children, marriage, boyfriend in our lives as well. In this post, I wanted to find some helpful tips that help me in the everyday basis and hope will you too. You can take inspiration and experiment. Maintain your confidence Sometimes can happen that you won’t meet your objectives as expected. But, you can learn from these missteps and maintain confidence in yourself and your skills. We often learn our best lessons from our worst mistakes. And just because you failed this time, it does NOT make you a failure. Confidence is essential in order to grow your career and businesses. Don’t let a setback derail your strategies and tactics. “Get into the habit of seeing a mentor or a coach” Lauretta Ihonor, founder of The Ambition Plan, a platform and event series to help millennial women change careers, in a recent interviews with Huffington Post, advises to reach out for professional help, aka mentor or coach, when it comes of setting up and running a business. As she says, a mentor will help you overcome any problem much faster than keep struggling alone. Don’t think about yourself just as a woman Sara Mohammadi, founder of Eventbox, in this article reveals to think about yourself as a startup entrepreneur, not just a woman. “The minute you put another identity above that it becomes a limitation for yourself: limitation in your own mindset, and in your own perception of your abilities.” Do you agree? “I check my messages every twenty minutes, instead of every five” Nancy at Behrman admits that it’s not easy to balance work and life balance and it’s always a work in progress. To do so, she begun to alter some daily rituals to accommodate her needs. For example checking for new messages every twenty minutes, instead of every five or scheduling conference calls earlier in the afternoon rather than later when she’s exhausted. Create a to do list You can create a calendar and make sure that each day you do something that moves you closer to goal achievement. Plan ahead – sometimes months ahead – to address the “big picture” and create both short and long-term to-do lists. When you know what’s coming, you can address challenges with a cool head and a cool strategy. Outsource tasks If you’re trying to do everything yourself.. well, it doesn’t work and it’s not going to scale. The only way to scale your business is if you hire experts in specific fields and you get them to help you. By hiring freelancers it helps you get great people on a relatively affordable rate versus employing people. So you can cut on costs and HR headaches! In conclusion Everybody can stumble in some difficulties every once in a while, especially when running a business and your personal life. What are your habits? Let me know in the comment below you are already using some of this curious to try.

Isa Lillo


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