A Freelancer’s Guide to Growing the Clientele Base

Freelancing, when achieved correctly, can be a profitable career. Many professionals started their journeys hustling and grinding their path to the top of their respective industries. Some accomplish their dream jobs with an income package beyond expectations. Others manage to live their lifestyles without getting locked down by a regular office work shift.

However, a few freelancers managed to start an empire, becoming a leader straight to the top without going through a promotional ladder that every employee must go through in their respective careers. There are many outcomes to freelancing, but everyone starts at point one.

If you plan to become a successful freelancer, your first obstacle is getting a regular clientele list. It means those that tap your services for multiple projects, ensuring stability in your career path. However, you might not achieve that without convincing businesses that you are the professional they want.

Here are some tips to help you land clients as soon as the first meeting:

Creating a Strong Online Presence

Getting your first clients can be an exciting feeling. It allows you to showcase your skills and knowledge, giving them a glimpse of why one person can handle tasks that other companies dedicate numerous personnel to perform. During that time, pricing might not matter yet. Collecting as much experience as possible will be your top priority. It will be necessary to satisfy your clients with the results, which you can utilize to help you set up your business.

Freelancing will require all the marketing tactics possible to ensure that clients arrive all the time. However, it can be challenging to convince them without letting them get a sneak peek of your work. As a result, setting up a website becomes critical. It allows your clients to check your resume and portfolio. It is similar to the hiring process for employees, but freelancers serve more as business partners. With a business website and a strong online presence, your clients get an experienced and qualified pro.

Promote Yourself as a Brand

Marketing your services is part of becoming a freelancer. You will have to claw and grind to make businesses notice you, making it necessary to extend your efforts to social media and LinkedIn. Those online platforms provide the best avenues for freelancers. As a result, producing content should be part of your skills. Letting businesses know your value proposition, work ethic, and client testimonials can get people to line up for your services.

It all sounds like the job of an entire marketing team, and that’s because it is. That situation is one of the disadvantages of being a freelancer. You have to promote yourself, and some freelance professionals take the wrong route.

They promote themselves as freelancers, which often gets the unfortunate tag of a low-cost temp. Clients might push you around, bargaining your price rate for as low as they possibly can. It can be frustrating to get into those discussions, which is why the marketing route should present freelancers as more of a brand.

Letting potential clients know you are legitimate ensures that price negotiations are not available. If they get impressed by your results, they will pay for your services as it is. For your freelancing career to appear legitimate, you must take on what marketing tactics established companies pursue, and that starts with social media.

Maintain a Professional Network

Once you gain clients and complete your services, the relationship must not stop there. They become an essential part of your professional network, making it necessary to keep conversations or interactions continuous. Once your services are complete, you can check on them for a few months. They might have a few suggestions for improvement, like getting client testimonials, feedback, and comments.

Those interactions allow you to stay fresh in their minds when an upcoming project requires your services. They can also become a source of referrals, which will grow your clientele list significantly. Clients are automatically part of your professional network, ensuring you can land more customers faster.

Be Presentable

The first meeting with clients bears significant importance. The interaction alone might be enough to tell them if they are working with a business partner or an employee. Freelancers must follow an unwritten rule during that situation: dress to impress.

Clients will take you more seriously when you wear appropriate work clothes, often in formal attire. It wouldn’t hurt to show off some of your success, especially for women. You can shop for Bally products online to get your hands on the best handbags and purses, reminding your clients that they are working with a boss.

Freelancers can achieve success in their chosen career path. However, the sector is becoming more challenging. More and more professionals are choosing the career route because of employee layoffs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so you must expect stiff competition. If you want your client list to grow significantly, following these tips will be critical.

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