3 Business Signage Blunders To Avoid

With a little internet search, you will realise that the UK is dotted with about 4000 registered signage companies. This indicates the competition is quite fierce in this industry. Consequently, companies are quite spoilt for choice when deciding on their business signages.

However, a quick look around shows common blunders that seem to take away the marketing appeal of some businesses. Knowing what they are and avoiding them can boost your brand.

Signage obstructions and obstacles

It is not rare to see other objects blocking signage in town. You may notice that a lamppost or a building is partially obscuring the sign. That can be quite disappointing, especially when you would have loved to see all the information. Unfortunately, these obstructions and obstacles are quite common, but it’s not always the fault of the business in question.

Sometimes, it occurred after the signage was put up. In other circumstances, the business may have failed to carry out a proper visual inspection of the location before the signage went up. Experts say you can check with the local building council for upcoming constructions in the area your signage will be put up. These checks can give a fair idea of how to position yours.

Failing to take advantage of window covering displays

Does your signage only come up when business is in operation? For example, if you operate a local neighbourhood eatery, do you have to move your signage indoors before locking up? If that is the case, you may be losing out on essential downtime promotion. Did you know that you can have a digital print of your business signage on custom window blinds? If you run a cafe and already have cafe blinds installed, professional printers can improvise with those too.

This way, you can have several purposes for these blinds. As they block out the sun during the day, people will see the signage on display. In the same way, when the blinds come down at the end of the business day, your brand will still be on display.

Improper installations

Improper signage installations are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Strong winds, heavy rains, and snow storms can cause the structure to break or fall over. Additionally, the structure supporting the signage is supposed to be weather resistant to prevent rust and rapid deterioration. If the font or letters were individually carved out, you will also want to ensure they are properly fixed and not turned backwards or upside down.

Usually, the problem is with the letters “S, A, B, C, H, K.” Customers may make out the letters, but there would always be an odd appearance in the fonts. Surveys also show that some businesses opt for the cheapest signage deals without paying much attention to the material quality. This can also contribute to improper installation because substandard materials almost always fail the weather resistance test.

Ignoring your business signage blunders can take away from your brand. For this reason, it pays to take the small details into consideration.

Isa Lillo


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