7 Things to Do Immediately After You Start a Blog

Starting a blog is very exciting! You get to learn new things, you start sharing your thoughts and knowledge with other people and.. let’s face it.. There’s something new to learn everyday. But with all new things to learn, do you know if you’re doing them right or are you missing something? So, to help … Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs to Be Self-Hosted (and how to seamlessly switch)

I really enjoy discovering new blogs around Social Media every day. I must say, I found some really good ones that I even started to follow. But one thing that I’ve noticed is that a big majority of them are NOT self-hosted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally PRO free, when it comes to starting … Continue Reading

5 Things to Consider When Buying a WordPress Theme

Today I want talk about one of my favourite topic about WordPress: WordPress Themes! Because I’m sure that at some point you’ll probably start thinking on buying a WordPress theme for your blog or business website. Free themes are great to start with, but as things evolve, your online appearance should to evolve, too.