2 Career Change Options For Those Who Love The Great Outdoors

While you may feel settled in your current job, it’s essential to ask yourself whether or not you are happy. After all, as we spend most of our adult life working, we should at least be having fun. Whatsmore, if you find that you feel chained to your desk, why not pursue a career that is a little more your style?

For example, if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, why not opt for a career change that helps you spend more time outside? Believe it or not, when you’re guided by passion and a willingness to learn, changing career paths is easier than you would think. 

With that in mind, here are 2 career ideas for outdoor enthusiasts! 

Tree Surgeon. 

What is a Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons, as the name suggests, work primarily in trees or wooded areas. Their daily tasks include planting or cutting down trees, alongside carrying out hazard assessments. For example, you may be involved in ensuring electrical wires do not interfere with trees during construction projects. 

how long does it take become a tree surgeon

As with any career change, you have to be willing to carry out the appropriate training ahead of time to ensure you can keep yourself safe while doing the job correctly. It typically takes a few months to complete your tree surgeon certification – meaning you could be starting your first job before the end of the year. 


There are many benefits to this kind of career, including: 

  • The chance to spend more time outdoors, doing something that you find genuinely interesting and exciting. 
  • The chance to be your own boss, meaning you have control over your own schedule. 
  • A better work-life balance. While you may be on call for emergency scenarios, most of your work will be carried out during daylight hours, meaning you’ll no longer have to work late nights.

Groundskeeper or Landscaper. 

Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash

What is a Groundskeeper? 

A Groundskeepers’ primary responsibility is managing and maintaining outdoor areas in both commercial and residential spaces. As such, no two days are quite the same. 

How Long does it take to become a Groundskeeper? 

Many of those who enter the groundskeeping profession will already have some experience as gardeners or at least an understanding of the natural world. However, it’s also possible to start this career from scratch. In this case, it will take around a year to develop the necessary skills, whether you take on a shadowing position or sign up for a specific training course. As this is a highly practical career, you will likely pick up the skills you need fairly quickly. 


There are many benefits to this kind of career, including:

  • The chance to utilise a range of transferable skills from your previous outdoor experiences.
  • The chance to work across different environments (and perhaps even countries)
  • The chance to carry out varied work, as your duties will change alongside the seasons. 
  • The chance to take control of your career by being your own boss, meaning you can set your prices and your working hours.

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