Using Your Brain: How To Not Burn Out As A Business Owner

Owning a business is quite possibly one of the most significant achievements that anyone can have in life. It’s the moment when you know you’ve arrived, and you’ve established yourself as someone who is making changes for other people for the better. The thing is, running a business is hard!

When you first start out on your own, you are literally on your own. You may be setting up a small business from your laptop in your house, and you may be doing it alongside your current job, but you’re by yourself from day one. It’s not until you establish yourself as a business that you can genuinely drive growth and bring in more people. Right now, you’re wearing all the business hats – and this can lead to burnout.

Trying to avoid burnout is the number one priority for many business owners. It’s not easy to need to recover from opening your own business when it’s the exact thing that is making life harder. Instead, you have to be aware of it and do what you can to avoid it. With that in mind, let’s look at the ways that you can prevent yourself from burning out as a new business owner.

  1. Outsource everything and anything that you can – budget pending, of course. You’re a leader, an entrepreneur. You know how to bring people in, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to run your IT center or accounting. Companies like are the ones to turn to for that. Having an external agency run your finances, manage your invoices and pay you is going to take a huge weight off. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn the basics; it just means you’re aware you need expert help!
  2. Impose some limits on yourself from day one. You’re running a business which means you’ll work a lot of hours, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule in your meals or time to sleep. It would help if you planned in your personal care as quickly as you would a client meeting. Those hourly slots for yourself may not make you any money, but you can’t make money if you’re burnt out!
  3. Take management courses and self-learning courses when you can. Learning how to manage a business – as well as your own time – is going to go a long way to ensuring that you don’t burn out during your time as an owner. Once you know how to balance your time correctly, you’ll notice how much more comfortable work feels.
  4. Don’t pass the blame. When things go wrong, look at number one first. Why did they go wrong? What could you do for next time to avoid them ever going wrong again? These questions are essential, and they will help you to learn how to be accountable to yourself.

Running a business is going to challenge you in so many ways. Listen to your instincts and recognize when you need help. Once you know it, you’ll know how to ask for it, and you’ll never worry about burn out again.

Isa Lillo

Hi, I'm Isa and I’m an online entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. This blog is about sharing experiences and advice, start an eBay reselling business, make money online and from home.

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